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Achieving Optimal Digestive Health

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After spending years studying functional medicine what I quickly learned was that so many people are not getting their digestive health under control.

Pay attention because this is one of the most important (and foundational things) you’ll ever learn for your health. If you don’t get it right now, it could cost you decades of feeling unseen, unheard, helpless and hopeless about your health. 

Where most people think there is nothing left for them to do or try or that they have been told prescriptions are the only option, what they’re missing are the CRUCIAL steps that come before anything else; A mindset of healing and the exact steps to reduce inflammation, reduce chronic stress, boost energy and cultivate resilience.  

Without having a mindset of wellness, more energy and less stress...toxic thinking, inflammation and chronic illness will persist. 

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This course will be your golden ticket toward unraveling the mysteries of your gut and empowering you to make lasting changes, supporting your gut health journey every step of the way.

Hi, I'm Kelsey, a Board-Certified Physician Assistant, Functional Medicine Consultant and Creator of The Gut Balance Blueprint: Achieving Optimal Digestive Health course.

This Course has been responsible for providing motivated individuals practical strategies, actionable tips, and personalized guidance to implement into their daily routine. and will now be your golden ticket toward taking that next step toward optimal digestive health.

Inside this course you’ll discover the models that support and create peak health and well-being and how to uncover and conquer the next steps in your journey from surviving to thriving.

I want to empower YOU and equip you with the tools to succeed!


Are you ready to feel your best?

Without having to leave your home, The Gut Balance Blueprint will help you: 

Gain a deep understanding of the digestive system, exploring the anatomy, physiology, and functions of the gut.

Learn how to create a balanced, nourishing diet that supports optimal digestion.

Heal the root causes of your digestive symptoms

Get deeper and more consistent sleep so you wake up feeling rested and energized for the day

Understand your gut better to become your own health advocate 

Discover the power to set strong and healthy boundaries and cultivate a self love that allows you to glow again 


Let's Go!

"Embrace the power within:

A thriving gut fuels a vibrant life."

Does this sound like you?

  • Bloated and Miserable
  • Exhausted and Inflamed
  • Constipated and Moody
  • Unheard and No Direction
Learn to Heal Now!

What If I Told You There Was A Better Way?

Your life BEFORE:

  • Lack of motivation, consistency or WHY you feel so poorly. 
  • Feeling exhausted daily
  • Frustrated with countless trips to the doctor's office that leave you with no answers or lasting results 
  • Experiencing stress and anxiety with your health and life. 
  • Relying on meds like metamucil, gas-x, and miralax to deal with bloating and constipation but being left in the dark about what’s causing them
  • Living in a fog with low productivity, mood swings, & limited daily excitement despite sleeping 8 hours at night

Your life AFTER:

  • Habits and tools and resources to implement the exact steps for long term wellness.¬†
  • Waking up daily with energy and vitality.¬†
  • Finally understand your body and how to treat the root causes of your GI complaints
  • Little to no stress or anxiety or toxic thinking.¬†
  • Flawless digestion with consistent daily formed bowel movements
  • Mental clarity and laser focus to accomplish all of your daily goals



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+ unlimited access

+ 6 in-depth modules with quizzes and action steps for accountability

+ Step-by-step guidance to get your energy and health back that I use with my private 1:1 health clients.

+ Fad free, nutrition guidance and education and best practices.

+ Downloadable PDFs and handouts for you to keep

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Meet the Creator


Hi, I'm Kelsey Mauro.

Gut Health Expert / Consultant / Course Creator

I have helped many clients get to the root cause of their unique struggles with their gut health. I want to make the information and practical tips I give in my 1:1 consultation accessible for all, so I created The Gut Balance Blueprint: Achieving Optimal Digestive Health course!

Having a background as a Physician Assistant, I have seen on a daily basis how significant our gut health is to our overall health and wellbeing.  I have also struggled with my own bloating and acne since I was a teenager, which was greatly exacerbated back in 2020 with the pandemic and my son being born premature at 29 weeks.  I started to understand how significant diet, stress and sleep has on our health.  

From there, I became certified in Functional Medicine and incorporated my own education in my life and healed my gut. 

My aim is to educate, support, and guide individuals on their journey to a healthier gut, offering practical strategies, evidence-based knowledge, and personalized recommendations. Join me in unlocking the secrets to vibrant gut health and embracing a life of improved digestion and vitality.

Learn more about Kelsey

As Seen In:

A Sneak Peak of What's Inside

Module 1: Getting to Know Your Gut

In order to heal your gut, you must understand your gut!

We will take a deep dive into the GI tract anatomy, the gut microbiome and what can affect it and what the mucosal firewall is. 

We will also look into digestion dysfunction and what new habits you can create to improve it.

Module 2: Nutrition

Here we will explore the vital role of nutrition in nurturing a healthy gut microbiota and optimizing overall well-being.

We will gain a deeper understanding of the foods that promote gut health,  foods that can harm gut health, and learn about key nutrients that support digestion. 

We will also dive into blood sugar stability, food sensitivities and plate structuring for proper nutrition.

Module 3: Lifestyle/Stress Resilience

Here we will explore the profound influence of stress and lifestyle factors on gut health and overall well-being.

We will gain insights into the intricate interplay between stress, the gut-brain axis, and the gut microbiota. We will learn the importance of routine, balanced circadian rhythm and activating the vagus nerve for a healthy gut.

We will discover practical strategies to manage stress effectively, cultivate mindfulness, and implement lifestyle habits that promote a harmonious gut environment. 

Module 4: Sleep/Mindset

Here we will unlock the transformative potential of sleep and mindset in cultivating a healthy gut and well-being.

We will dive into the crucial role of quality sleep in supporting gut health, immune function, and cognitive well-being. We will explore the impact of mindset and stress on sleep patterns and gut-brain communication.

We will also learn practical techniques to optimize sleep hygiene, develop a positive mindset, and establish healthy sleep routines that nourish both your gut and mind. 

Module 5: Detox/Supplements

We will delve into the world of detoxification and smart supplementation for optimal gut health. 

Gain insights into the role of targeted supplements and herbals in promoting gut healing, rebalancing the gut microbiota, and enhancing nutrient absorption.

You will learn about safe and effective detox strategies, along with the science-backed supplements that can complement your gut health journey. 

Module 6: Common GI Complaints

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of prevalent gastrointestinal (GI) complaints and how to effectively manage them.

We will explore common issues such as bloating, nausea acid reflux, constipation, and diarrhea. Dive into the underlying causes, triggers, and contributing factors behind these complaints, including diet, lifestyle, stress, and gut dysbiosis.

You will empower yourself with practical knowledge and solutions to address and manage the most common GI complaints for enhanced digestive comfort and improved overall well-being.

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